Tracktion allows you to create music from your computer
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Tracktion is a music creation software for Windows. It is not the average MIDI creation software, though. By the looks of it, there is nothing you can't possibly do with this application. It also doesn't seem to be the easiest tool out there. I am not a musician, but there is one particular feature that I caught my eye. Apparently, Tracktion 3.0 comes with more than 200 pre-loaded virtual instrument sounds for you to use. You can use those to compose your own music. Also, you can create any sound and add it to the current project. Of course, you can import sounds and add them to the current time line. By default, there are around a hundred pre-recorded sounds for you to use on your mixes. There is a pane at the bottom of the application that allows you to see more information about your project, and you can even select individual sounds. There is a library mode, which allows you to store sounds that you can use later. On the website, there are samples of music wrote using Tracktion 3.0. It goes beyond me how to actually make something not too hard on the ear, though. If the user interface were a little simpler, I guess I could figure out a why to start using this application. But that is anything but a disadvantage. There also is a MIDI editor that can be used with a MIDI device to record sounds through the MIDI port on the computer. It is not as complex as the rest of the application. The loop browser allows you to easily insert sounds and create loops to current projects.

José Fernández
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  • Packed with features.
  • Great for composing, editing, mixing and playing.


  • Not for the average user, definitely.
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